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Hi, I'm Flor Dominguez


problem solver

user listener

team player

tech lover



cat lover


I am a Product Designer from Argentina, with a strong focus in UX design. I'm particularly passionate about working in technology to solve problems that help the world become more sustainable and equal. I LOVE teaching and learning constantly!

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About Me

I´m graduated in Graphic design and quickly focused on product design with an UX approach.
My focus is on solving real customer problems and creating experiences that are easy to use. To achieve this, I rely on both user experience fundamentals as well as on data.
I'm particularly passionate about working in problems that help the world become more sustainable and equal. To achieve this purpose, I consider myself a team player that like to work closely with product owners, product managers, developers, etc. (teammates and users).
I thrive in open environments full of constructive feedback, gratefulness, trust, and collaboration.

Things that make me be myself

🌾 I love being in contact with the nature, because of that I live in the countryside. I enjoy listen the sound of the birds and the wisper of the leaves with the wind.
⚽ I like playing soccer and swimming in open water. 🏊‍♀
🎨 I express myself trought the children illustration, because of that Im a proud owner of a big collection of childrens books.
⛺ In my spare time I enjoy traveling an make trekking along the mointains, for been desconected for several days. It´s my way to reset and start all over again. I´m a cat person


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Buenos Aires, Argentina